Photograph of RHO


Located in the rolling sandhill country of southern Lake County (W81 43 26.51, N28 33 26.75) in sunny central Florida, Rolling Hills Observatory is a small, private facility dedicated to variable star observations, both visually and photometrically.

Run by Shawn Dvorak, the observatory consists of a 10" LX200 and an SBIG ST-9XE CCD camera, situated in a 10' x 12' outbuilding with a roll-off roof. A computer controls the telescope and CCD, allowing remote access and control via a fibre-optic network cable to the house. The LX200 and CCD are used primarily as a semi-automated photometry system for collecting data on variable stars. Once the scheduling and control software is developed, the LX200 will be able to capture hundreds of measurements of eclipsing binaries, RR Lyrae stars, cataclysmic variables, and faint Mira stars automatically each night.

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2010